Thursday, March 5, 2020

Day 5

Where has the time gone?? How is it already Thursday? We had a very long, yet rewarding day today. We all woke up this morning at 4 am to journey up Mount Toliman in order to watch the sunrise. The hike was a bit challenging, but once we arrived at the top, it made it all worth it. After our hike we enjoyed a breakfast of eggs and beans. We then split into 4 groups and went off to do construction. While we were all at different places, we all seemed to have moved dirt. This is often done to prepare the foundation of a house and create an even floor. After our long, sweaty morning, we joined each other at the mission for a lunch of rice, chicken, vegetables, and fruit. After lunch the long term volunteers explained to us what it’s like to be in their position, if any of us were interested in ever taking on that role. We then took time to relax at the hotel before going to the Juan Ana coffee building to learn about the process of making coffee. They first have to remove the outer husk of the bean. Next, they pick out the bad beans and remove any excess husk. After that is complete, they are left with “gold” or “green” coffee. This is then roasted for 8-10 minutes. After roasting, the beans are grinded into fine grounds. After this is complete, the coffee can be brewed. There are many different techniques to achieve a delicious cup of this coffee. Coffee is a very important part of Guatemalan culture and it is exceptionally gratifying to have been immersed in this complex process. After this experience, we met back at the mission for dinner. We had spaghetti, salad, and most importantly, cake for Rebecca’s birthday! We also learned about ennegram types and had a nice time for introspection. After a very long day, we are all taking time to relax and hang out. It has been a fantastic week and we’re ready for our last day in San Lucas Toliman!

I’m sorry for the boring titles!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Día 4!

Hola! We started off the day by having a nice  breakfast which consisted of oatmeal and fresh bananas. Then it was time to split off into our construction groups for the day. One group went back to the coffee production site to continue moving dirt to level the land. The other two groups went to different mixed houses (block house on the bottom and wood on top) to paint and sifted gravel. After a long morning of work, we headed back to the mission for a delicious lunch. Lunch consisted of pasta with meat sauce along with some more fresh fruit. After lunch we stopped by the women’s center to learn more about Guatemalan culture. The women’s center provided us more insight to how they do their laundry, make tortillas, and carry wood. After listening and learning, we headed over to the playground and slid down the slides. It was all fun and games until Bridget ripped her pants. We headed back to the mission to have a nice dinner of carrot soup, veggies, garlic bread and left over pasta from lunch. Dinner was followed by our favorite local rolled ice cream shop. Now after reflection, we are off to bed and our excited for our early morning. 

*Photos will be posted when we have internet connection in the US. It has been very difficult to do here, we apologize!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

From Work Sites to the Karaoke Stage

This morning, we started our day with some breakfast before we went to the group sites. We split into 3 groups and went our separate ways to work. The first group went to the coffee site, where they moved rocks and started to level the land for the coffee drying platform. The second group helped build a house, by putting up the walls and putting nails in the boards that went on the walls. The third group poured concrete to make a floor. After lunch, we walked to the reforestation project and learned about how they are working to help the Guatemalan environment and decrease the presence of trash. They used unique recycling methods along with community engagement. For dinner, we had some rice, cheese, and veggies along with some green beans. After dinner, our group went to the square and participated in some karaoke, where bridget went ALL in. We are so excited to see what tomorrow brings!